Monday, December 26, 2011

It’s Been One Year For Figareau’s Blog… And Merry Christmas To All!!!

Arrgggg! Sometimes I hate technology! I’ve been away on vacation for the past 2 weeks to enjoy a bit of family time before the hectic days of Christmas. During that time, I was meant to post a few recipes and, this text! I brought my computer along with me specifically to write this in celebration of my blog’s first anniversary. But technology was against me; I had no Internet connection!!! Which is why I post this a few days late. Forgive me and celebrate with me this great achievement!


Today is celebration time so lets pop some champagne!!! I’ve been writing this blog for exactly one year today and OH! what a joy ride it’s been!

It isn’t easy to always keep up with writing… especially since I have to cook to be able to write. And this year has been a handful: a baby was born, some serious renovation was done, some great vacationing was enjoyed, and some sick kids were taken care of. I’m on maternity leave, it’s true, which means I should have more time on my hands to cook; but life isn’t always that easy and cooking hasn’t always come that easily. But I have stood my ground and have kept up with the pace. Writing for a full year is a great pride for me.

I realize I have some amazing readers and without you it would be meaningless. Some of you have read every single line I’ve written… and I thank you for doing so. This experience feels like the greatest diary experience ever (much better than what I used to write about when I was a kid… that no one used to read!). It’s also a dream come true. I get to write a lot, which I’ve always dreamt of doing; I get to cook a lot, which is second nature to me; and I get to share it all with amazing people which gives it all a great meaning.

Thank you for trusting my cooking and my writing. I will try to keep up the pace for another year.


Sophie aka Figareau  


  1. Happy first anniversary!!! And many more to come...

  2. Happy New Year to you too and your awesome blog!! Can't wait to read you in the New Year!! Long life to Sophie and her culinary creativeness!