Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cooking On Vacation

Is it me or is there nothing better in life than a nice vacation? I don’t know who wouldn’t agree with me… besides those who don’t have the privilege to get out of their house to enjoy the better things life has to offer. It pity those people…

So I’ve been away, which explains why this blog has been dead silent for the past three weeks. I decided to take a true a total break from writing… and from cooking. Can you believe that? The funny thing is that I’ve actually BEEN cooking for the past three weeks, for my whole family, parents and siblings included! I know, I’m totally contradicting myself so I need to give you a good explanation for this. Actually, when I say I haven’t been cooking, I mean I haven’t spent much time behind the stove and certainly have not been trying out new recipes. I’ve simply been grilling a whole lot of fish and a little bit of meat on the grill, in their bare essential; naked, with almost nothing but salt and pepper. That’s the good life… and it was a true break for me! As for the vegetables, they pretty much got the same treatment!! And what to say about desert? Welcome ice cream cones!!!

But now it’s back to life; back to my cupboard filled with all these great spices; back to my fridge packed with amazing sauces and condiments; back to all the small specialty stores I know that have so much to teach me. I need to get back to cooking. Everyone needs a break once in a while, but everyone needs to come back to reality at one point.

I’m back! 

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