Friday, January 21, 2011

Special treat: Balsamic Vinegar

I love salad, especially for its crunchiness. There’s something about lettuce that makes me (and my taste buds) feel fresh! But what I like the most about a good salad is the dressing. You could give me a bowl of plain lettuce with amazing vinaigrette and I’d think it’s the greatest thing in the world; I never really need the extra toppings. Those are just secondary pleasure to my taste buds! Still, really good vinaigrette, in my opinion, is all about the vinegar. If you’ve got the tanginess of great vinegar, you’re most likely to be in for great salad dressing.

The other day I felt like a little special treat. I was tired of the vinegars in my cupboard so I headed to the market, went to my favorite specialty store and said: ‘I’m ready to spend (although not too much!) for great vinegar, something special and different. What do you recommend?’ Obviously, I wasn’t ready to spend 75$ for an aged vinegar… that’s just a little too much for my wallet these days. So the owner of the store, without a split second of hesitation, pointed me to the Gocce di Reggio balsamic vinegar, sold for 29.99$.
This vinegar is absolute pleasure! It’s thick and sugary, like expensive old aged balsamic vinegar. Aged for a really long time (!) in wooden barrels, it’s got just enough kick, enough sweetness and not too much acidity, to give your lettuce the great help it so desperately needs. This vinegar is so good you could lick it from your plate or eat it right from the spoon. Oh yeah! And this vinegar doesn’t need the help of its good friend Mrs. Olive Oil! Simply sprinkle it over any vegetable (or fruit) and the job is done. I highly recommend the splurge. The 30 bucks spent are well worth it!

I found my Gocce di Reggio at the Douceurs du marché, at Atwater Market, for 29.99$. If you find it somewhere else, please share the info with us! 

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